Flux e-Motor-Scooter 30mph

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Flux e-Motor-Scooter 30mph

Flux e-Motor-Scooter 30mph
Flux e-Motor-Scooter 30mph Flux e-Motor-Scooter 30mph Flux e-Motor-Scooter 30mph Flux e-Motor-Scooter 30mph Flux e-Motor-Scooter 30mph Flux e-Motor-Scooter 30mph
Product Code: F1500W
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Price: $2,399.00
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Introducing our newest Green vehicle, a 100% Electric Motor Scooter.

This American based Electric Scooter company is now on its' second generation model with tons of upgrades over the 2012 model. Our floor model has arrived so you can take a test drive. You must be over 18 and will need your Drivers' License. You can call us for more details.


  • Climb hills easily and cruise around town, governed at speeds of 30 MPH 
  • 20+ miles per charge range with one battery, with two batteries, range increases to 40-50 miles (depends on conditions)
  • Lithium ion battery is rated for 1000 charge cycles at 100% capacity
  • Braking is very responsive with front and rear disk brakes, augmented by regenerative braking
  • Customizable performance allows acceleration, torque, and regenerative braking to be adjusted to your preferences
  • Available in standard red, standard white, premium yellow, premium silver, any color two tone combination**
  • 65% cost savings over similarly priced gas scooters. (no gas, no oil changes, no filters)

**additional cost for premium and two tone colors

Base Cost with no add-ons and accessories: $2399.00 + shipping $600 (to Delray Beach or similar rate for other cities) = $2999.00 (we could possibly get shipping down to $350-$450 depending on which shipper you choose.)

We believe that Florida will charge tax when you apply for a title if no tax was charged by the out of state manufacturer. We paid $281 for taxes, title, and registration for 2 years.

We estimate most Florida buyers will desire the 40+ mile range with a 2nd battery.  $3298 + shp= $3898.00.

For those wanting to add a 3rd or 4th battery so one can always be ready just off a charger, each extra battery is $899.00

The 2012 models are still available with similar specs beginning at $1999 + shipping. Secondary battery is $699 for this model.

These scooters will require no maintenance besides brakes and tires. By contrast a gasoline moped will require oil changes ($70/year), fuel filters ($15/year) and engine filter ($25/year). You can save $110 per year in maintenance costs.
If you do some research on general 49cc scooters in America, you will find that the gas models are notorious for breaking down usually with a fuel pump, filter, spark, or carburator issue within a few months after purchase. ***NOTE: In a city very nearby to Delray, a certain major scooter dealer has a service department busier than many car dealerships. Why? Because motorcylce repair shops and car repair shops do not normally work on scooters; almost everyone who owns a gas scooter in Palm Beach and Northern Broward counties has no other alternative for repair shops than the above mentioned shop. We know of a few other places but they have very poor customer satisfaction reputations (which is why we daily get calls for gas repairs which we do not handle and kindly refer folks to the big one which the only negative we have heard is that many repairs take a week or more for parts to arrive). *** For an electric scooter, check your tire pressure, keep it clean, charge your batteries, and when you need to change your tires or brakes, it is VERY easy for a do-it-yourselfer OR very inexpensive to bring it to Green Revs where we can do it very fast and you will keep your hands clean!




  1. Gas Stations
  2. Oil Changes
  3. Fuel Filters
  4. Engine Filters
  5. Drive Chains
  6. Spark Plugs
  7. Fuel Smell
  8. Exhaust Smoke
  9. Noisy Exhaust



A gas moped averages 100 miles per gallon. At an average price of $3.50 per gallon it will cost $0.04 per mile to operate a gas moped.

100% electric moped from Flux costs $0.36 to fully charge the battery based on a kWh cost of $0.12. This is an operational cost of $0.014 per mile.




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