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eBike Repair

eBike Repair

Palm Beach County Electric Bike Repair & Service.

We are Authorized Service Providers for ProdecoTech, A2B, Stealth, EcoMotion, Magnum, Leisger, Drummer, Big Cat, BagiBike, E-Wheels, & X-treme.

We mainly service Electric Bicycles and we can assist with routine repairs on many non-electric Bikes as a service to the community since all the regular bike stores keep going out of business... 

We do not service the following brands due to either non-standard wiring or repetitious breakdowns:
Currie / Izip/ eZip, Pedego, Ancheer, BionX, Evelo, Specialized, Trek, Haibike  and others.
We reserve the right to refuse any repair of a product which we did not sell. 


Rates not including Tax:

Hourly Rate $75
Hourly Rate for Ebikes purchased at Green Revs  $55 (consignment or second hand)

Loyalty Program Hourly Rate $35 (Bikes purchased new from Green Revs by the current owner)
Loyalty Program members also get expedited repairs and major discounts on ebike and accessories. 

For ebike Kit installation $100-$150 depending on the system and the bike it is going on to plus extra parts if needed.
Please note that bikes with coaster brake are not acceptable for ebike kits. If the system you are purchasing has more than a 500w motor or speed higher than 19mph, you will need disk brakes in order to stop safely. If 750w+ or speeds in excess of 27.5mph, the bicycle should have name brand hydrolic brakes on it.
We have seen many lose their life or livilyhood by improperly using bicycles in Palm Beach County. We reserve the right to deny service to anyone who will be using the ebike for unlawful purposes or unlawful ways. The police in Palm Beach County enforce top speed regulations on all bicycles used on public roads. Please see our legal page for more info. 


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