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Call For a Quote. $50-$10,000

We have done alot more smaller jobs but take a look below are some of our more comprehensive projects.
We can fully customize your Luxury Electric Bike with any of the following and more:


LED Neon Lights

MP3 Player Radios

Complete Graphics Wraps

Power Boost Service

Dual Motor System

Range Extending Package

Lithium Batteries (Removable too)

The Electric Green Machine

Take a look at our mostly TaoTao Luxury Ebike (body by TaoTao, brains & guts by GRelectricBikes; 
7 Color Remote Neon High Powered LED Strobes or Solid Color Underglow and Daytime Running Lights (front lights were re-fit after this pic was taken)
Triple Stage Remote Alarm
MP3 Player FM Radio Mirrors
Range Boosted to @50 Miles
Power Boosted for more Torque
Speed Boosted to 25mph with 2 settings for street legal use and offroad use
Lithium Battery Upgrade

Coming Upgrades- Digital Battery Volt Guage, New Front Forks with Disc Brake Mounts, Disc Brakes, Golden Motor Front Motor, 95% Power Regenerators for 1000+ mile range before recharging battery, 8" Underseat Subwoofer, Full Electric Green GRelectricBikes Wrap or Paint Job, Turbo Thrusters for short passing bursts of speed (which may not actually be needed after front motor upgrade). 

Fire Rescue

This Ferrari Red eBike got 2 sets of flashers- one front & rear set for higher visibility for regular driving, and and another for Emergency Use (owner is a firefighter). It also has had Brake light flashers installed with secondary brake lights, projector LED running lights and high output LED front turn signals. We also installed Chrome rearview mirrors for the owner. The bike also got a power upgrade, range extending upgrage, speed upgrade, and efficiency upgrade which helps this bike out perform every other ebike in Palm Beach County in pretty much every way. 


Tidal Force Lithium Battery Re-Fit

LiFePo4 Lithium 36v 10Ah, rewire, new front rim, rear rack kit, and a nice Prodeco kickstand.

The bike originally had a heavy NiCad battery pack built in to the front hub. 

Newest Projects:

August 2014-  Old Steel Schwinn with owner added Golden Motor 1000w kit; We removed the excess wiring, improperly installed connectors, and blown controller. We cleaned up the installation using ebike factory connectors, added a 1500w controller and customized it all to fit the home-made rack. We got it all working seamlessly. The result is an extremely fast top speed with full BURN OUT (smoke, skid marks, and a kind of drifting effect as he took off with the tire spinning) on initial accelleration. We suggested a brake upgrade for it's next appointment...

August 2014-  Ewheels Blue Tricycle refurb and customization for our future floor model. Decent frame and working motor/contorller. No Batteries, no brakes, rusty, dinged up, no baskets, missing instrument/ light/ignition box, very used. Now, it looks only somewhat used... New Wuxing Ignition and control box, horn, temporary Lead Acid batts till the Lithiums arrive with our next order, brake cables, pads, paint, wood and steel artsy rear enclosed cargo box, laid back seat post for a better fit for taller drivers. 
On order- Lithium power pack, Green Knight Rider Scanner LEDs (this bike is parked in front of our store to draw attention), Solar Power Generator {Tilting Solar panels, Solar charge controller, 4 removable 12v 80Ah battery packs for running Off-Grid lighting and appliances for several days in camping or emergency sitiations, 2000w Modified Sine Inverter + 300w Pure Sine Inverter for running a computers} 
Future Additions- 6 can 12v Coke cooler, new tires, 3ft matching trailer with more solar panels and room for towing the kids around the campgrounds

More recent photo coming!

September 2014

One of a Kind Prodeco "Inferno 750" {another eye catcher for the front of the shop}. 9/22/14- speed tested at 24mph w/200lb rider in the parking lot. We think it will get 28 when we have a longer runway. The Stealth Bomber only got to 28mph in the same distance.
Based on a salvaged 2011 or '12 Storm 300 Frame. Current Photo is preview of the bike just after paint and mock fit while parts are on the way, we just couldn't wait to post! Upgraded to New Prodeco Battery mount. Pictured with Storm's original V wheels, now it has Outlaw wheels.
Added after photo; New Outlaw front Rim, Rebuilt Salvaged Outlaw 750w motor- new Halls and wiring, Avid BB5 brake pads, 48v LiFePo4 battery from reclaimed cells, New 48v Controller, 48v Wiring, 48v custom throttle, New handlebars, Red Prodeco Grips.

Coming soon; Bike Computer, Solar powered headlight and tail lights. May upgrade to 180mm rotors. Also, this will be the first professionally upgraded Automatic pedal assist Prodeco that we know of. Custom on/off switches and controls seamlessly designed to integrate with factory wiring without affecting the warranty (we plan to seek their appoval after they see this and sell the kits to those who don't have the future Prodeco factory add on kit).
Before the Inferno goes home with the creator, it will get a front Fork upgrade to Zoom Gordos or perhaps the Outlaw's front forks and very custom modified 48v 1000w controller and speed upgrade, how fast? We estimate that 750w can put out about 32mph or more using a more efficient larger controller made by the creator... You know it will be posted and likely added to Youtube as soon as the project is complete! Enjoy this preview now. Hey Prodeco, we claim all rights to this Inferno idea and paint job!

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