Business Partnerships

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Business Partnerships

We are looking for a business oriented individual to partner with. 

We have the potential to greatly expand our business in to solar and full electric vehicle markets. We are a Christian Non-Profit Corp. aimed at providing electric vehicles, solar infrastructure, and clean water to remote villages around the world especially where missionaries from trusted organizations  (ie. World Vision, World Servants, Compassion, Salvation Army, Blood Water Mission, etc.) are already working. We will accomplish this by providing low cost electric vehicles in great volume to Palm Beach County. While other stores hike up prices, we aim to corner the emerging market by providing the highest quality, best reputation, reliable electric vehicles, solar products, and other green energy products at affordable prices while providing the best customer service in town! Our customers draw others to us by the way we treat them and their satisfaction with our products.

But we need the help of a like minded business partner who is excited about this opportunity to improve lives here and abroad. Will it make money? Definitely! Will it be fun? Yes! Will it lead to owning a Fisker or Tesla? Well, it would be nice... but most likely as a result of investing profits wisely. It very well could result in the use of as many e-vehicles in our inventory as you'd like though! We have a great plan and excellent marketting skills, but we lack the capital to get it done the way it needs to be done!

What do we need? Capital to expand our product line- we have our eye on more e-bike brands, solar companies, and e-car companies. We've got other similar products we'd love to carry too. The capital input will also enable a greater online presence and thereby increase our ability to be the go-to site for cool green technology products. 

Want to know more?  Call us during business hours or leave us your information on our contact page and we'll call you to schedule a meeting.

Thank you,

The GR team

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